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    PvP does size really matter?



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    PvP does size really matter?

    Post  QueenTrav on May 15th 2015, 1:51 am

    Ok, so the main reason I moved from Heaven's Tear to Harshlands server was to get to PvP more. Unfortunately I am unable to afford to put in the time, or money for r9 right now. My question is, being fully G16 gear (still working on ornaments) at least +5 (+10 weapon) what can I do against R9 players?? I know I've got the skills to win, as I can usually kill an equally geared player with ease, but I walk out of sz and get 1 shot by an archer for 4x my health...and if I do get the drop on him I deal less than 1k damage. Is the balance between pay to play and the farmers that great? I feel as though if R9 is my only option I might as well stop playing now Sad
    Olimpus (faction Leader)

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    I Get where your comming from

    Post  Olimpus (faction Leader) on May 16th 2015, 6:40 pm

    Well...you gnna need spirit and cards...i and a bit mre refines and sharindings if nt r9...bt to be honest...i hve no clue to tell u hw to farm thn do tts..bt we are summing up a plan for the guild to farm like crazy..plannin on tts..and sme other ways


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    Post  BlueNighty on June 11th 2015, 7:13 pm

    Well, to drop an r9 is not going to be easy as a g16. As expected. BUT it is possible. You Will not oneshot r9 but you can do some HIGH damage on them.

    First Things first, if you want to drop an r9 player. You have to know Your Class in and out blindly. I have dropped r9 Players. Like wizzie, seeker, and do some realy good damage to bms, and Archers.

    My weak spot is stuns, barbs, cleric, sin etc...

    What you need to do, is go into Your Class and figure what YOUR weak point is, and what Your advantage is against classes.

    NOW, the main Thing you need to consider is. AS LONG as Your enemy is STUNNED and can not do shit, you can drop them Down on their HP. Now what you wanna do is STUN STUN STUN.

    Another weak spot is, DONT GET HIT. if you dont get hit, you dont die. If Your battling a sin r9. Your screwed, unless Your a barb/sin.

    Like i said, it is possible but hard considering what Class you are.
    If Your a veno/cleric pm me in game and ill teach you a few..

    Hugs from BlueNighty

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    Re: PvP does size really matter?

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