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    100 archer application



    100 archer application

    Post  Vasilica on October 16th 2012, 9:14 am

    In-Game Name: Vasilica
    Age: 25
    Class and Level: archer 100
    Any specials for your class (e.g. Phoenix on veno): -

    Do you have any other characters? SharpinaAxe
    If so, what class, level and what faction are they in? BM, lvl 90, no faction

    Current faction: Exiles
    Previous factions: Soon to be Exiles
    Reason for leaving previous factions: Not much going on

    Please list your current gear (include refinements and shards) or post a pwcalc link:

    also have +5 decide, 4aps

    Please list your future gear (gear you are working for to get atm) or post a pwcalc link: atm wing trophy lunarglade

    Did you ever join in a Territory War? yes

    We prefer if you sign up for TW's. Will you do this? yes

    What days and times are you available for TW? friday and saturday

    Do you have Teamspeak 3, or are you willing to get it? Do you have a microphone? no, yes, yes

    Can you do your Guildbase Quests daily? If not, how often can you do this? i can't promise daily, but as often as i can

    If you have any other characters in TW-based factions, will you give Crime priority? i don;t have any

    Why do you want to join Crime? looking for an active faction

    Why should we accept you into Crime? I have lots of experience in PW

    Do you know anyone within Crime? no, Olimpus suggested that i apply Razz

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